Weight Loss Program

Safe, Effective Weight Loss

Changing Lives With a Powerful Three-Part Method

For over 25 years, Meditrim of East Texas has been helping residents lose weight safely and rapidly. To inquire about the process, get in touch with us. When you begin the Meditrim program, you'll receive a personal consultation with an experienced staff member to assess goals and discuss expectations. From there, your individualized program will begin.

Part One: A Shot Containing Amino Acids, Vitamin B12, Iron, and Liver

While amino acids will put your body into a mild state of acidity, causing you to feel less hungry, the remaining components will increase your energy and mood.

Part Two: Diet

Based on your personal consultation, a detailed plan full of healthy food and recipes will be given to you, all of which can be purchased from a grocery store. No pre-made, costly meals are involved.
Weight loss

Part Three: Exercise

Depending on your goals and expectations, a personalized exercise plan will be provided in an effort to help you meet your weight loss objectives.
Weight loss

Burn 3 Times as Many Calories

Studies have shown that a person utilizing Meditrim's weight loss program can burn up to 3-4 times as many calories compared to a person exercising without it. Due to your body's mild state of acidity after part one, you're able to increase your energy and output.
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